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was founded in Bilbao, Spain in 1945, so today it's more than 63 years experienced in FURNACES DESIGN, for standard models and special engineered units, our core business. From the beginning, as the technologic newelty of the early's 1900´s, its fabrication program was based in furnaces heated by electrical resistances, although from the 60´s HORNOS ALFERIEFF adds the gas heated furnaces to it.

So today HORNOS ALFERIEFF amounts more than 1100 furnaces, out of which more than one thousand are unique units, different among them, engineered to fit customers needs; HEA  store thousands of drawings and studies and constructions files acquiring a well-known experience in the field of INDUSTRIAL  HEATING.

HORNOS ALFERIEFF has reached the specialization in some segments of the furnace builders, where we have more cases developed together with our customers. The Fabrication Program covers the following matters:

  • Industrial Furnaces and Ovens heated electrically or by gas.  Sporadically heated by overheated water, saturated cap our, or diesel, …

  • Low temperature ( up to 250ºC), medium temperature (until 500 ºC), high temperature (1050ºC) and very high temperature (1800 ºC).

  • Apart of the common air atmosphere, we  manufacture units working in controlled atmospheres, vacuum or overpressure up to 10-2 Torr and 7 bars respectively.

  • Static or continuous units, at requested levels of automatisation. Computer PC or PLC monitoring.

HORNOS ALFERIEFF has actually engineered electrical heated car bottom furnace for heat treatment (annealing and normalizing of big steel goods)  of 2.400 kW, with a chamber  of 380 m³.

Our biggest gas heated furnace reaches 5.400.000kcal/hr; car bottom furnace for annealing of metallic welded structures, with a chamber capacity of 240 m³.

HORNOS ALFERIEFF manufactures also furnaces for galvanizing by immersion, autoclaves for the impregnation under vacuum and overpressure, high precision furnaces, approved by aeronautical authorities.

In the last decade HORNOS ALFERIEFF has built numerous installations for the Electrical Machinery Manufacturers, and focussing in copper wounds, Vacuum ovens for Electrical Transformers, Impregnation equipment with different processes ( vacuum, overpressure, polymerizing, special atmospheres,…)


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